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Exotic Food – Marinated Animal Parts

Pinned on July 22, 2010 at 11:40 pm by Hailey

Exotic Food – Marinated Animal Parts

Lately, I’ve been inspired to browse around the wonderful pictures of foods I kept on my laptop that I truly missed in Taipei, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been craving for lots of foods these days. Do these cravings signify another bun in the oven? I hope so.. (crossing my fingers).

One of many destinations in Taipei stands out as the favorite place called Xie Men Ting 西門町 that houses the famous soy marinated eats generally known as Lou Wei 滷味.

The famous Shop – Notice the Crowd

Chicken Feet

Pig Tendons

Dried Tofu

Top Selling Duck Tongues

At which all pieces tend to be initially marinated in scented soy sauce as well as herbs of up to fourteen varieties and then cooked in steam or cooked steadily at a certain temperature and chilled in order to seal in the tasty mix and dished up either in warm or cold.

There is one particular shop called Lao Tien Lu 老天祿 that specializes on this kind of marinated animal parts. In the event, you are willing to try this type of exotic food, this is the place to visit. Most likely not numerous Japanese travelers around on this area though, yet a massive number of HK tourists nested right here.

It happens that Lao Tien Lu 老天祿 soy marinade tiny bites is definitely the favorite of very famous HK pop and celebrities, this includes superstar Andy Lau. His photographs are all over the place, which was perhaps taken during the period of the 80′s or early 90′s.

How about guys, have you tried the marinated animal parts?


Mummy Gwen says:

Wow..this place is so famous. I don’t mind eating the chicken feet but not the duck tongue though looks so yucky..hehe.

Do you eat these stuff, Mei Nue? Haha…hope to hear good news from you soon. *wink*

Have a wonderful week ahead, dear. :)

I always get hungry when I pass this blog, lol. You seem to be a gourmand- a person who loves gourmet foods. We have those kind of food in some Chinese restaurants here in the Philippines. They call it mixed asado. Thanks for the yummy post. God bless you all always.

Manang Kim says:

Oh my I hope something is going on in that oven! ^_^ It’s different when you marry a kano mommy Umma. Even the fish eye he already feel it’s gross though he doesn’t squirm or had a facial expression that makes me mad hehe, but he just can’t accept the fact why we have to eat those hehe. He had one encounter with balot when we were in the Philippines he couldn’t look at the balot much so eat it. It fascinates me when he had this kind of attitude because the more he do it the more I will show him all the exotic food. Am I too brutal for a wife? hahahaha!

arvin says:

chicken feet pang pulutan..medyo nagutom ako,hehe..

Shydub says:

Aguy kalami sa mga food, animal parts i want to try all of them. I miss the adidas sa pinas and the intestines, pakapinan ug batikulon hehehe,

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